Tricks to Take Care of Your Health While Traveling

Trucos para Cuidar tu Salud Mientras estás de Viaje

Health While Traveling

Tricks to Take Care of Your Health While Traveling

We are in summer, we spend days away from home, and although we enjoy (very much)  our holidays, we can take care of our health with certain and simple tips.

Although we find it difficult to have good habits during the holidays, we can adapt our meals the best possible to a healthy way, so that our diet is no so unbalanced and we can go back home in a good health condition.

And not only during the summer, when we travel outside, whether for is for leisure or for work, but it’s also difficult for us to follow the guidelines we the daily routine: constipation, bad digestions, putting on weight…

We associate a healthy diet with a regular routine, so if we spend some days away from home, we find it difficult to eat properly. But travelling and having a healthy diet is not impossible, here I write you some simple and easy tips to follow:

Health While Traveling

Control Constipation

It’s a common symptom that comes out when we modify our diet and schedules. Often, we eat less fibre and more processed food, which affects our intestine. In your “travel kit,” you can include these products in your luggage, they can be very helpful for you. For example:

  • Psyllium husk: you can take a packet of this soluble fibre that you can add to breakfast cereals, soups … it acts like a gel without being aggressive to the intestine.
  • Flax seeds: you can soak a tablespoon of flax seeds in the morning with half a glass of water, add a prune (mix well), and eat the preparation at night, by chewing the seeds that will have had released the mucilage. It’s excellent to go to the toilet.
  • Umeboshi plums: before each meal, you can chew a quarter of plum to activate stomach juices. Your digestions will be much better, and it will be easier for you to go to the toilet.
  • Natural juice of Aloe Verathe Pulp of this plant it’s very suitable for avoiding constipation and is also excellent for preventing from virus and bacterias.
  • Boldo Tea:  this plant is excellent for protecting the liver, and therefore, our digestions.

Keep a Routine in your Schedule

Changing schedules and routines also affects hunger and anxiety when we sit at the table. Therefore, it’s very important to maintain our routine (at the time of eating) as much as possible, and try not to eat too late when dinning, it’s better for digestion.

Control Quantities while Eating

The hotel buffet can be the worst enemy of a regular and balanced diet. Especially at breakfast time, when you have de possibility of choosing from many options than we are used to doing at home, can make us eat too much. Porridge is usually a good option, but often contain a lot of sugar. Toasts with hummus, sugar-free muesli with vegetable milk are now offered in many hotels.

Remineralize and Keep Moist

Drinking water and staying hydrated is essential when it comes to controlling food and hunger. If we choose soft drinks it’s always better plain than sparkling, without alcohol and low in sugar.
When you travel to tropical countries, it’s very helpful to take nori seaweed with you, you can sprinkle over salads, cooked cereal, or vegetables. It’s an excellent remineralizing if you sweat too much.

Choose well

When we are travelling, eating homemade food is much more complicated, so learning how to choose from a restaurant menu is basic. The first thing we have to choose is the place where we are going to eat, so we should avoid fast-food restaurants as much as possible. Roasted, steamed or grilled vegetables will always be a much healthier garnish than french fries. Salads, vegetable soups and grilled fish are the main course full of nutrients.

Enjoy the holidays without getting obsessed with food but balancing diet as much as you can.


Aloe Vera, Psyllium and Apple Juice Easy Shake 

If you are able to get organic apple juice during your travel, you can prepare easily this basic shake. It’s delicious and very practical to avoid constipation.

                                  Servings: 4 Difficulty: Very Easy Time: 1 Min.                                

(plus 15 min. for hydrating the psyllium)



  1. Soak the psyllium husk with apple juice. It will take 15 minutes to hydrate.
  2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.




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