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I always liked cooking. Even as a child, I used to try different recipes that I read in magazines and books, but some of them seemed unhealthy so I decided to change them…

Overtime, my concern for health and the effects that a “healthy” kitchen can have on us started increasing. Some of my best teachers were Olga Cuevas (Doctor in biochemistry) and her daughter, Lucía Redondo, who with their knowledge of The Oriental Medicine, helped me understand the importance of energy applied to food and life. I was trained with them at the Roger de Llúria Institute in Barcelona.

Later, with the interest of training in Professional Cooking, I graduated in French High Cuisine at the Le Cordon Bleu School in Madrid, where I learned many techniques that are applied in traditional cooking, as well as in an elaborate gourmet cuisine.

I’ve worked in the kitchen of The Sha Wellness Clinic, a great professional school, whose team I will always be grateful to, where I gave cooking classes and trained chefs from international restaurants.


I’m a Technician in Nutrition and I apply my nutritional knowledge when I work as a private chef or I give recommendations to the people for whom I cook.

Moreover, my training in Shiatsu has given me a holistic knowledge of health, it made me understand even more about the importance of energy flows and their application in the health and well-being of people.

And because continous training is important to evolve in this field, I am always learning to improve my knowledge and cook “healthier ” dishes.

Iraide's Cooking Lab

About me

I give you the knowledge and the recipes that you can adapt to your way of eating, always with vegan and / or gluten-free options.


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