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There are many, thousands of blogs in this virtual world, giving advice, commenting on experiences, suggestions and tips in cooking matters and much more.

I’m going to write it with the same enthusiasm as those out there, wanting to share my experiences and putting my focus in health, starting with preparations from the kitchen, that great non-invasive medical laboratory that we reformulate every day and we experiment with our own body.

We really do beautiful artistic creations where all our senses work. I want to make it a little more medicinal, more curative, or at least to know why we should do things that way, and maybe that will work better for us.

introduccion iraides cooking lab

And above all, I want to emphasize in the quality of the products that we choose to cook, without chemicals, totally organic and without  being genetically manipulated, local … because then it will affect us (and a lot) in our health.

I’ll try to make it didactic but it does not take much time. It’s a practical note from day to day, perhaps with little things that you already knew but that you never stopped to think …

Iraide's Cooking Lab

About me

I give you the knowledge and the recipes that you can adapt to your way of eating, always with vegan and / or gluten-free options.


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