Creps using grain cereals

creps using grain cereals

Creps using grain cereals

Ideas for easy, rich, and very healthy wraps and for this purpose I propose you soak grain cereal

Have you eaten more flour than you should during this summer when eating out? Pizzas, pastry…

Do you love creps or wraps, but don’t know how to make wraps using grain cereal? The truth is that rolled food attracts many people, but it’s not easy to find tips to make them properly. These creps using grain cereals are perfect!

These pancakes have the main component that is soaked cereal. You can prepare the filling you want, sweet or salty and roll it up!! It’s also a way to take away food when you travel (in a tasty, healthy way).

They are fluffy, digestive and delicious! the day before cooking them, you have to soak the cereal.

Creps using grain cereals

Here below you have some crepe or wrap recipes, for making wraps using  cereal instead of flours for making the dough.


Grain Buckwheat Creps

Basmati Rice and Red Lentil Dosas

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