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IRAIDE’S COOKING LAB wants to show with many tips how to cook healthy, simple and delicious, take some steps further to understand the alchemy in the kitchen …

The Oriental Medicine is based on the movement of energy, and cooking is one of its basics. Nature forces us to change ways of thinking, dressing, eating … warm in winter and cooler in summer, and this instinct that should not be lost.

With each recipe I provide, will feature fresh, organic and with locally produced ingredients, that after cooked, at the right temperature and time, will maximize your intake of vitamins and minerals, that are essential to your well being.


Common sense and knowledge.

It’s an invitation to learn in my courses, with my blog, my recipes, and ask me any questions in the chat, because in the kitchen there are a thousand tricks, explanations…

I focus on different training jobs, especially considering how personal is the health condition and the way of cooking that each one needs and feels.

I give you the knowledge and the recipes that you can adapt to your way of eating, with vegan and / or gluten-free options in most of my recipes.

The important thing: to prioritize the organic product at the time of cooking, from the simplicity that knowledge can give to you.



  • PERSONAL PROJECT: I have focused on transmitting and making understand the way of cooking, the balance in the dishes and techniques to be easily applied. The recipes and explanations that I show are those I use on a day-to-day basis, simple to use in home kitchens. If you want to know something else about me
  • CHEF’S TRAINNING: I train professional chefs with techniques and uses of ingredients they do not know, always from the knowledge of their therapeutic utilities
  • COLLABORATION WITH OTHER SCHOOLS: Therapeutic cooking classes in different schools, teaching cooking classes to complement the training of these schools.
  • ON-LINE COURSES: simple but enriching and easy-to-understand courses with didactic content to easily understand and practice from your home:
    • Well explained récipes with many details so you can understand and do them by yourself without any problem.
    • Detailed notes about the course.
    • Videos so you can repeat parts of the recipes in which you have doubts.
    • Chat and references so you can get in touch with me.
  • A BLOG with interesting articles to understand a lot of information that is available in the world of healthy cooking.
  • BASIC INGREDIENTS: I have also created a brief explanation of ingredients that I use, which are unknown to many people and certain properties that we do not know although we are already practicing and using certain ingredients.

Iraide's Cooking Lab

About me

I give you the knowledge and the recipes that you can adapt to your way of eating, always with vegan and / or gluten-free options.


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