Avoid Wrinkles through Food

prevenir arrugas alimentacion

Avoid Wrinkles through Food

How to prevent wrinkles with a nourishing and balanced diet.

Discover super nutritious and beneficial food to keep your skin young for longer.

Food is the base of our life, our health and therefore our external beauty. Cosmetics help in external appearance. But, acidifying food helps in the production of free radicals, that are very harmful to the skin.

However, there are certain foods that can influence our well-being both internally and externally.

With age, flaccidity and dryness come with the natural oxidation process. Anyway, we can do many things, to stop this natural process.

Hydration is basic

Avoid Wrinkles through Food

Seaweeds mineralize and moisten blood and tissues, but you have to know how to prepare them so that their flavour is not unpleasant for you.


The seaweeds are the great unknown today in the kitchen. If they are cooked in a proper way, they provide you with 10 and 20 times more minerals than the vegetables that we use regularly.

They remineralize us and give us the energy to face the rhythm of work and daily life, often loaded with stress.

They contain iodine, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium and a large number of trace elements, which are needed for the body to perform certain enzymatic reactions.

Because of their high content of minerals, they cause an alkaline effect on the body. They have alginic acid, a component that makes heavy metals and dangerous chemicals expel from our organism.

Types of Seaweeds. Medicinal Qualities.

  • Kombu

It has glutamic acid, a substance that softens the fibres of other foods (particularly pulses). They have to be cooked for at least 40 minutes because they have a rough texture. It is suitable for soups, stews… but once cooked, we can make delicious chips with it.

  • Wakame

It’s from the same family as the kombu seaweed. It’s rich in calcium and contains high levels of B and C vitamins. It also softens the fibre of the pulses, but as it has less amount of iodine. They are relatively soft, so 5 minutes of soaking is enough to be used like in soups, salads or stir-fried.

  • Dulse

It has a lot of vitamin C and iron, therefore, it’s good to treat anaemia. It’s a soft seaweed and easy to prepare, you just have to soak it for 5 minutes and it’s ready to eat.

  • Arame

It has a lot of minerals, especially calcium. It contains a natural sugar called mannitol, which helps us to maintain a stable blood glucose level. It’s also suitable for nervous system problems. It is better to soak it for 10 minutes and sauté a few minutes with a little garlic to make it really delicious.

  • Hijiki

Is the seaweed that has the highest amount of calcium. 14 times more calcium than cow’s milk, and more absorbable than this one.

  • Cochayuyo

This seaweed contains less iodine, therefore it is suitable for people who have thyroid problems. It contains N-acetyl-cysteine, a component that helps dissolve mucus. To use it, it must be soaked for one hour in boiling water

  • Nori

Contains taurine, an amino acid necessary for good vision. It’s probably the best-known seaweed, as we use to make sushi, but it can have different uses: in salads, to mix it with guacamole, as a seasoning in vegetable creams …

  • Agar-agar

Has soluble fibre, which helps fight constipation. It is used mainly in confectionery because it gives the consistency of gelatine.

Sugar, the Enemy of the Collagen

When we talk about avoiding flaccidity, the first thing that must be achieved is to preserve the collagen fibres, trying to make them strong. And which is the main enemy of collagen fibres? The refined sugar, which will cause the glycation of collagen fibres and with it, the ability to hold these fibres and their quality. Therefore, we must follow these guidelines:

  • Avoid the sugar as much as possible, as well as foods in which the sugar is generously added. Many times it’s a hidden enemy in the form of bread, processed foods, etc.

  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco, which will increase free radicals in the body, and with it the malformation of the collagen and elastin fibres. Astringent substances such as coffee cause the skin to crack, as well as increasing oxidative stress.
  • Add fresh foods to the diet. Among them, we have foods rich in vitamin C, flavonoids, and green leafy vegetables, which will also help to detoxify the body.
  • Increase the content of silicium, present in whole grains like in millet, and also in seeds, leeks, spinach …

Include fatty Acids in your Diet, but cooked properly

To avoid wrinkles caused by dryness and the excess of sunbathing, our diet has to include essential fatty acids, omega 3.

This is very unstable, so you have to be careful when you cook it. In high temperatures, it spoils.  I really like to marinate both sardines or anchovies, I will explain how to do them in the recipe below.

It’s also very important to include foods rich in provitamin A, (alpha and beta carotenes) like carrots, squash or red berries. To prevent thin wrinkles, probiotics are also very effective, which also reduce chronic inflammation and oxidative stress.

It’s essential to moisturize our skin from the inside, don’t forget to include remineralizing soups, infusions and isotonic seawater, which provides a number of minerals that are necessary for our skin.


Marinated Anchovies with Mustard Dressing 

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