What are Heavy Metals?

What are Heavy Metals?

Do you know how Heavy Metals affect our Health?

Lead, mercury, aluminium… are small particles that accumulate in food, water and air, intoxicating our body and making it sick. Their most negative side is that they accumulate, and in the long run they can cause disorders in the brain and degenerative diseases.

What are Heavy Metals?

The body accumulates the waste coming from an unbalanced diet, bad digestion, lack of physical exercise, tobacco, alcohol and stress.

But in addition to that, well-known external toxins can be added: car gases, industrial pollution, drugs, detergents, solvents and any other chemical products. They are small particles that are present in food, dental amalgams, the air we breathe and water.

And fish, which accumulates a lot of mercury, for example, tuna, which ingested regularly can cause serious health problems.

These heavy metals are cumulative in the body (tissues) and their removal is difficult. The sophisticated system of cleaning the body can be compromised by these heavy metals that compete with the trace elements responsible for multiple enzymatic actions.

The result is the internal alteration of molecules essential for health, such as hormones, antibodies or neurotransmitters … Symptoms appear that eventually end up producing irreversible diseases.

It’s important to reduce the intake of certain heavy metals knowing their origin:


Blocks the absorption of magnesium causes asthenia and contributes to the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. It’s found in non-organic vegetables, tap water, deodorants, amalgams, vaccines, analgesics and antacids.


Inhibits the antioxidant action of vitamin E, selenium and sulfur. Causes chronic fatigue, cancer and gastrointestinal diseases. It’s found in tap water, packaged juices and wines.


Blocks the absorption of zinc, magnesium, sulfur and selenium. It causes hypertension, alterations of the peripheral nervous system … it is found in tap water, crustaceans, vegetable leaves and non-organic mushrooms.


Prevents the absorption of zinc, selenium and iron. It destroys vitamin B12 and causes chronic fatigue, infections and chronic immune problems. We can find it in big fish, pesticides, vaccines and dental amalgams.


Blocks the absorption of iron, calcium and molybdenum. It causes musculoskeletal pain, irritability, sleep disorders and cognitive alterations.

Chelation Process

The elimination of heavy metals is not a simple elimination of toxins, they are inorganic compounds that the body is not capable of metabolizing and that, therefore, accumulate in tissues and organs.

To get rid of them, there must be a phenomenon called chelation, made by substances that trap the inorganic molecules of heavy metals and create compounds that the body can eliminate through urine.

Elimination of Heavy Metals

  • These vegetables help the liver, intestine and kidneys to eliminate heavy metals: garlic, broccoli, celery, onion, apple, parsley and Brazil nuts
  • Seaweeds such as chlorella and spirulina, which are toxic cleaners in the intestine, liver and blood.
  • Selenium, a powerful antioxidant against cadmium, aluminium and mercury.
  • Vitamin C: stimulates the liver’s enzyme system.
  • Vitamin E: especially helps eliminate aluminium and lead accumulation.


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