How to make sprouts.

Benefits and uses of germination.

Sprouts are live foods that are very rich in nutrients: especially vitamins and enzymes. They require simple preparation. Sprouts are very appropriate for this season, the Spring, they can very useful for charging us with energy and for improving our digestion.

How to make sprouts

The main advantage of sprouted seeds is that they are already pre-digested, I mean, having a complex chemical process takes place inside the seed: Certain enzymes are activated that begins the digestion of the proteins, starches and fats that are inside the seed. It´s a similar process to the one that occurs in our digestive system.

How to make sprouts

Benefits of Sprouted Grains and Seeds.

This chemical process favours us in many aspects:

  • Some antinutrient components of the seed disappear, such as phytic acid, or protease inhibitors, so our body creates less gas and therefore we digest vegetables, fats, etc. better.
  • New substances are created such as C vitamin, chlorophyll and B group vitamins.
  • It’s easy and cheap.
  • They give a fresh flavour to salads, pasta, sauteed veggies…

Which Seeds Can we Sprout?

We can germinate seeds or grains that we have available at home: for example lentils, beans … If we are looking for something more specific we can buy seeds to germinate in an organic shop or buy them directly germinated.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, each seed can have its own characteristics:

  • Alfalfa seeds: Vitamin K has a coagulating agent that prevents bleeding. They help to detox the live rand lower cholesterol. It has a lot of chlorophyll so they favour the creation of red blood cells and to treat anaemia.
  • Fenugreek seeds: Fenugreek is an excellent stomach protector. They have a large number of antioxidants. They stimulate digestion and in the case of athletes improve physical performance by producing an increase in creatine and not having as much need for simple carbohydrates when training.
  • Mung bean seeds: They contain isoflavones and help to digest fat better. High protein content.
  • Broccoli seeds: It has all the properties that cruciferous have and a slightly spicy flavour.

Tremendously antioxidant and with anticancer compounds such as glucosinolates.

Germination Process

The germination process is very simple and no special material is required. Just a bowl and a strainer. The process of how to sprout seeds is the following:

DAY 1: Put the seeds that you have chosen to germinate in a bowl covered with water. Don’t put too many because later they will grow a lot and it is convenient to eat them in two or three days.

DAY 2: Strain the seeds and wash them in the tap to remove impurities.

Place them again in the bowl. They must be wet, but there should be no water at the bottom of the bowl.

DAY 3 AND FOLLOWING: We repeat the process on day 2, twice a day until they germinate.


Sprout Salad, Cauliflower Pickles and Seaweed



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