The Tradition of Eating Soup

refreshing soup

The Tradition of Eating Soup. Two Refreshing Soups for September

We are gradually losing this characteristic starter of our culture and gastronomy is in homes and in restaurants. It’s a pity to lose this gourmet dish, good for the health of our digestive system.

The Tradition of Eating Soup

Summer is not over yet and it may be hot in many regions and towns. Eating soup is a tradition that we are losing and this is a shame because it hydrates and remineralizes our body. More and more people drink soft drinks when thirsty, but they contain high levels of sugar and spoil our digestion.

The tradition of Soup

Soup is a very traditional drink in many countries and is taken in all seasons. But we are losing this tradition. The soup was the dish to begin digestion, it warmed our stomach up. It was served very hot in winter and cool or warm in summer.

In the rush of modern life, this tradition has been lost, both at home and in restaurants. Less and less variety of soups can be found on the menus, and at most, we can sometimes find some fish soup in winter and some gazpacho in summer.

Health Issue

In Japanese culture, miso soup has existed for thousands of years, which in addition to warming the body, provides us with probiotics, minerals and enzymes for our digestive system. In the oriental tradition,  the way of cooking is different depending on the season. The change of energy involved a change in the way we cook and for this transformation starting with the soup was very beneficial for our health.

We must remember that our immune system will work much better if we eat local, with organic and seasonal products, therefore, I propose these soups made with vegetables that you can have in your garden or you can buy them from the peasant who grows and sells vegetables and fruits in your area.

Examples of vegetables this season are tomatoes, peppers, carrots, squash, zucchini, beets, radishes, green beans, cucumbers, turnips and carrots among others.

You can add the condiments, herbs and spices that you like the most, I propose the following here


Warm courgette vichysoisse with mint and lemon verbena
Cold beet and cucumber remineralizing shots

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