Immune System Part I

The power of our Immune System

How do we create defences in our body?

In this situation of a pandemic, the entire society is alarmed with the fear of getting infected. We have to avoid contact with other people, wash our hands, disinfect buses, trains, buildings.

And our defences? Our body has a reaction mechanism against viruses and bacteria. The immune system is vital: both to prevent the virus from spreading through our respiratory tract, and to make its symptoms as mild as possible.

the power of our immune system

The Coronavirus crisis has put the world’s population in an unknown and surrealistic situation: the isolation of people all over the world.

The most vulnerable people such as the elderly and people with previous pathologies are prone to suffer much more from the consequences of the COVID 19. Viruses constantly have mutations and our body has to be prepared for those changes that can be virulent.

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Health authorities do not warn of the risk that a depressed immune system in the population. We live surrounded by viruses and bacteria.  Our defences are created mostly in the intestine. Creating strong defences can protect us from possible infections as well as if we get infected, having the symtoms as soft as possible.

The Importance of our Digestive System

Our digestive tract, and especially our intestine, has vital importance to our immune system. It is the barrier that protects us from the daily attacks of pathogenic microorganisms and that can trigger diseases of all kinds. The intestinal barrier distinguishes between the nutrients that are necessary for our body and the pathogens that come from the outside.

For this, in the intestinal mucosa, there is a key microbial population, where mutualistic (good) and pathogenic (bad) microorganisms live together. Both coexist, and balance naturally, being mutualists far superior to pathogens in a healthy gut.

A healthy immune system remains on silent alert, allowing essential nutrients and microorganisms go inside the bloodstream, and preventing pathogens from entering, including viruses such as influenza A and the coronavirus.

However, when our intestine is weakened by factors such as poor diet, environmental toxins, chemicals and pesticides, alcohol, tobacco, chemicals etc., the system weakens and stops working well.

How to create Defences

We cannot live free of virus attacks, therefore we must be prepared so that their effects are as slight as possible. We can do effective things naturally.

The first thing is to feed ourselves in the most natural way possible, without chemicals or processed foods, consuming organic and local foods. Apart from everything mentioned, which is the basis of our intestinal health, there are natural supplements that can help us a lot in this process.

Oligotherapy, a Good Help

Oligotherapy uses minerals in small amounts to cause enzymatic reactions to help the body re-establish the balance. All without risk of toxicity. Regarding the immune system, certain minerals can act as anti infectives and can be used to overcome to fever and flu states.

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Catalytic oligotherapy, therefore, uses these minerals in small amounts to make the body react to unbalanced situations. They come in blisters and must be taken on an empty stomach. The liquid must be kept under the tongue for a couple of minutes. The method is very similar to homoeopathy.

  • Trace Element Copper: Copper, administered as I mentioned before, acts as an antiviral and anti-infective mineral. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory. The slightest symptom of irritation of the throat, or any change in body temperature, is a good preventive for possible infections.
  • Gold-Copper-Silver: This set of complementary trace elements are presented in a bottle with a dispenser. It’s also taken under the tongue as in the case of blisters. It’s for the treatment to help in severe infectious processes.

If there are mild flu symptoms, the best is to treat them with natural remedies and rest. And if the symptoms are more severe you have to put yourself in the hands of a professional.

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