Tips for a Sacient and Energetic Cooking

Trucos para una cocina saciante y energetica iraides cooking lab

Efficient healthy cooking

Many of us worry about our diet. Absorption and getting satisfied are the keys to a good health condition.

Some diets are drastic and involve abandoning the initial plan and getting fat again. But the most worrying of all is that you may have nutritional deficiencies.

It’s better to eat certain foods that make us feel satisfied without suffering from hunger or anxiety, but neither have a deficit of vitamins and minerals.

But how can we have efficient healthy cooking?

efficient healthy cooking


Complex Carbs

We can control hunger by adding foods that contain a high amount of soluble fibre. These are not going to metabolize as quickly as the simple carbs, they will digest more slowly and we will be allowing our blood to receive energy constantly.

In addition, these foods help the formation of natural probiotics (and thus improve the intestinal flora).

It’s important to chew this wholegrain cereal to make it more digestive,

Mild Spices

One of the simplest tricks is to add a moderate amount of spices in your meals, as this flavour decreases the feeling of hunger.

We could say that in a certain way they deceive the brain by its satiating effect, and thus, we eat less. And the combustion of calories increases, because we burn more when the body temperature goes up.

Of course, you have to have some control, because in excess they can disturb the digestive system and irritate it.

A good alternative is to add mustard, ginger, pepper or a light curry.

Chia and Flaxseed

These super seeds contain mucilage, a type of fibre that swells in the intestine and causes a feeling of fullness. They have a pleasant flavour that does not change the flavour of other foods so they can be mixed with fruits and vegetables, being both super-nutritious and delicious at the same time.

They contain omega 3 that helps regulate cholesterol and eliminate body fat.

More Vegetable Protein and Fish

There is another group of foods that also should be very present, those that are rich in protein. They help us to feel satisfied after meals.

The energy of the protein is not fast energy, but is part of a structural building in the body, like the muscles for example.

Avoid Alcohol, Coffee and Sweets

When we eat very sweet foods, we make our body produce insulin to be able to metabolize these simple carbohydrates. What happens? This important rise in insulin means that at the same time our body “requests” more food (almost always sweet) to use that extra insulin.

That is why if we eat many sweets it’s very likely that we will soon feel hungry again.

Coffee and alcohol cause vasodilation, a state of stress in the body, which makes us more anxious to eat. In addition, alcohol adds empty calories to our body, overloads the liver …


Chia Pudding with raspberry Compote and Coconut Cream