The Magnesium Mineral

semillas de sesamo negro ricas en magnesio

Why is Magnesium so Important?

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in our body. 

Diets that include many vegetables seem to provide what the body needs, but many people still have deficiencies for this important mineral.

Why is Magnesium so Important?

This mineral is part of the chlorophyll molecule and therefore is rich in green leaves. We have to pay special attention to the way of cooking, using organic vegetables (free of chemicals) But is also important that our intestine absorbs it correctly.

Magnesium has multiple functions in the body. It’s a necessary electrolyte for the creation of new bone and participates in the activity of vitamin D. Depression, anxiety and stress are some of the aspects that have been studied in relation to this important mineral.

Also overexploited cultivation areas, favour magnesium deficiencies, since the foods that we digest lack this mineral in the minimum amounts absorbable by our organism. And the deficiencies arise.

Magnesium Functions

  • Form bones and teeth.

  • It’s a cofactor of enzymes, that provide many chemical reactions in the body: protein synthesis, energy production …
  • It has a calming effect, for example, it helps to avoid muscle spasms, magnesium also relaxes the body when there are long stress periods …
  • Balances the nervous system.

    The daily needs of Magnesium are 400 mg in men and 310 mg in women. Needs to increase the intake of magnesium if we eat foods that are rich in potassium, and especially when we eat sugar, which is the great “thief” of magnesium.

Where can we get Magnesium?

Especially in green leaves, whole grains, seeds (sunflower, sesame …) and nuts.

It’s vital to give importance to its absorption, as soils are overexploited and fruits and vegetables are usually grown in greenhouses, without having direct contact with the sun and the environment. So, we might eat food that theoretically contains magnesium, but in practice, it’s not.

That’s why I have to emphasize the importance of eating organic and products of proximity because it directly affects our health. We nourish ourselves from the nutrients we absorb, therefore, the quality of the products and how they are grown is very important.


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