Baking Powder and Baking Soda, When are both used in Pastry?

levadura polvo bicarbonato sodio iraide

What’s the difference between Baking Powder and Baking Soda?

I have met people who like to cook at home, as well as, kitchen professionals that don’t know the difference between these two ferments mainly used in pastry.

baking powder and baking soda


During my cooking studies, lecturers emphasized the chemical and physical elaboration process of doughs and batters. As students, we had to go through the process and prepare the doughs by hand, in order to understand and observe their evolution and transformation.

Understanding what happens, it becomes easier to make changes if something goes wrong.

We, as good connoisseurs of quality products made without chemical yeasts, will replace with ALUMINIUM-FREE powder yeast, which is already sold and easy to find in organic shops. Aluminium in certain amounts is considered a heavy metal, which becomes toxic and is difficult for the body to expulse, becoming stored in the human body and, in long term, it can create serious health problems, mainly at the neurological level.

These two products, mixed in a recipe, produce Carbon Dioxide, which gives volume to our cake, resulting in its fluffiness.

Baking soda is a chemical component that needs heat, and also an Acid element to react. Lemon, orange and other fruits with an acid component will help this process.

Baking powder has these ingredients:

  1. An alkaline element: -Baking soda -which will be transformed into carbon dioxide gas.
  2. An acid element- Cremotártaro, which acts as a catalyst.
  3. A diluent element or excipient -starch.


When is the one used and when is the Other?

When a recipe has acidic ingredients such as citrus (lemon, orange, kiwi etc…) or partially citric ingredients such as strawberry or raspberry, yoghurt, pure cacao and vinegar,  we should use baking soda.

In recipes where there is no acid element such as flours, kinds of vegetable milk, syrups, we will use baking powder as a fermentation agent.


Mango and Cardamom Pie



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