After Confinement

Health after Confinement

We all have been inside our houses without sunbathing and many times neglecting our good habits.

Although there is still uncertainty about how and when the post-confinement will be, it would be good to go back to our healthy habits to be with good energy and recover health after confinement.

Hygiene, disinfection, and social distance are now the most important things to follow in our daily lives, but the real key is inner physical and mental well-being. They can help us create defenses and protect us from this increasingly polluted environment, high levels of radiation, pollution, heavy metals, etc.

Exercising, eating well, and having positive emotions always help to strengthen us in every way.

It is convenient to remember specific points that should not fail in this time of change and confusion.

Health after Confinement

Healthy Food Rich in Antioxidants

Perhaps the fact of being inside the house, many of us working and with the whole family together, has made us eat in a disorderly way and sometimes with anxiety.

Therefore, we must return to the healthy habits that we had before, such as eating quickly with organic and local products. Doing a small detox or cleaning for a few days would be fine, depending on the needs of each one.

Foods rich in antioxidants, those that contain C vitamin, such as seasonal green leaves are great to add to your diet. They prevent us from oxidative stress and provide us with energy.

The Importance of D Vitamin

During a couple of months of confinement, many people have had to be confined in small apartments, unable to take the sunlight.

D Vitamin is synthesized through the skin taking sunbaths and also through the intestine when we eat foods that contain it. Vitamin D is necessary for:

The absorption of calcium, D vitamin plays an essential role in maintaining healthy bones and preventing osteoporosis.

-Interverespiratory health, respiratory muscle strength, inflammation, and immune response to respiratory pathogens.

It helps us in our immune system: in addition to the importance of calcium absorption, Vitamin D has an essential effect on defenses, such as the production of B lymphocytes, T lymphocytes, and macrophages.

In addition to that, several studies reveal the importance of D vitamin in the prevention of various types of cancer, including colorectal cancer (as you can read in the American Cancer Research Institute) especially if you take from the sun and eat foods that contain it.

Walking outdoors, at times of the day when the sun’s rays are not as strong, such as in the morning or at sunset is very beneficial to obtain this vital vitamin.

Apart from that, several foods contain D vitamin. This vitamin is fat-soluble, so it’s better absorbed if we ingest it with something lipidic (oil or fat).

They have a high content of vitamin D, especially foods of animal origin such as wild salmon, tuna and eggs (yolk), and in less quantity in mushrooms.

Contact with Nature

Physical exercise, in contact with nature, breathing, filling ourselves with air strolling among the trees. There are pleasures that perhaps many of us have missed in this period of confinement.

The energy of spring, for Traditional Chinese Medicine, ascending, is full of life and movement. We had to stop in hibernation as if we had to go back in the winter.

For this reason, and to create immunity, the necessary immunity to return to coexistence in society, we have to practice sports: walks, bicycle, etc.

Feeling in contact with the force of spring and the sun, as we have said before, provides us with vitamins, makes us absorb minerals better and a long etcetera.

Therefore, walking outdoors, at times of the day when the sun’s rays are not so strong, such as first thing in the morning or at sunset is very beneficial to obtain this important vitamin.

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