Seawater Benefits

Seawater Benefits, Did You Know This?

Seawater benefits are countless, very useful to remineralize and treat some symptoms, such as stomach acidity.

At the end of the XIXth Century, René Quinton discovered the importance of the balance between internal and external cellular fluids, he discovered also that seawater could be used as blood plasma and treat many illnesses.

seawater benefits

In summer it’s easy to get into the sea and take a couple of bottles of seawater to take home. We can let them rest for 24 hours so that substances such as micro seaweeds, and sand settle on the bottom of the bottle.


It has more than 78 minerals and trace elements in its composition, so it’s highly beneficial, gives life, energy to our metabolism.

You can prepare it in a thousand ways and even take it as a medicine, as long as you don’t have serious kidney problems and hypertension.

Composition and Benefits

The main benefit of seawater is that is REMINERALIZING and ALKALINE. It’s rich in the following minerals: sodium, magnesium, calcium, chlorine.

It has countless benefits:

  • Helps to lose weight.
  • Benefits for the skin.
  • Good for people with reflux.
  • Regulates the thyroid.
  • Good to prevent osteoporosis.
  • It’s full of antioxidants such as selenium.

Seawater and Sports

You can prepare the ISOTONIC seawater as follows:

  • 1 glass seawater
  • Three glass still water.
  • Mix well.
  • If we want to make a litre of isotonic water, we must put 250 ml of seawater per 750 of filtered water.

Also, you can find it in organic stores, already prepared and bottled.

A healthy proposal of isotonic seawater:

  • Squeeze 4 oranges and one lemon.
  • Add 20 ml seawater
  • One teaspoon rice syrup

The acids of the oranges will be neutralized and the minerals and trace elements that the seawater has will help us to absorb the vitamin C of the citric fruits.


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