mugwort properties and uses

Mugwort, Properties and Uses of a Millennial Plant

Little is known about this plant,  used mostly in Africa for treating malaria. It’s used basically to boost immunity and it’s recommended for fighting against infections.

artemisa annua propiedades y usos

Mugwort is a small shrub with an intensely bitter taste leaves. The Japanese use it to remove parasites from blood. That is, they combine mugwort with glutinous rice and make “mochi”, a preparation to treat blood deficiencies, mainly caused by intestinal parasites.

This plant is also used to make moxas (moxibustion), some thick mugwort cigars that are burned to give heat at acupuncture points and shiatsu, to treat certain imbalances in the flow of energy or qi (according to Traditional Chinese Medicine).

In Europe, it grows on roads and meadows and in the past, was used to make infusions when there were strong colds and coughs.

How to Plant and Collect Artemisia Annua or Mugwort

Artemisia Annua can be planted directly in the ground, and if we don’t have a small garden to plant it in, we can do it in a large pot. It’s easy to grow, so it’s so not delicate to cultivate.

If you plant in a pot, you have to check that the soil it’s not excessively dry.

The plant blooms in October, and you have to cut and put to dry when the flowers are still small.

How to use it

Several pharmaceutical companies are experimenting with this plant to make medicines, but the reality is that taken as an infusion is the most effective and gentle way for our body.

It’s a very powerful plant so we should not use more than 6 grams a day. You can prepare an infusion of this plant in the following way:

Put a cup of water to boil in a saucepan. When it is about to boil, at about 80ºC, add half a sprig of mugwort (only the leaves) and you can also add a little natural stevia to sweeten it a little bit (or liquorice if you do not have high blood pressure). Turn off the heat, cover the pot and wait 5 minutes. Strain and it’s ready to serve.

If you are on medication, you should consult your doctor or therapist, because this plant could interact with the use of other medicinal substances.


Mugwort Salad with Mint and Basil Dressing

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