Gourmet Christmas Healthy Desserts

Gourmet Christmas Healthy Desserts

Light, Sugar-Free and lovely Gourmet Christmas Healthy Desserts

I want to present these two desserts that you can combine to offer your guests some healthy and really very original desserts because they are made with beans!

To me, it’s very important to get good digestion when I eat too much at Christmas time. Normally, we eat many different dishes and make many mixtures. So, when we eat the dessert our body feels full and overloaded.

Gourmet Christmas Healthy Desserts

You have read it well: the Japanese use them to amalgamate dessert recipes, so they are lighter without providing any flavour. They are light for the body but very yummy.

They are super easy to make and do not need to be baked. Try and let me know in the chat!


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