Dressings for your veggies

Dressings for your veggies

Dressings for your veggies

Do you want to eat more vegetables but don’t know how to make them taste good? Do you know how to make these two savoury dressings s for your veggies? Sometimes steamed vegetables are not attractive because we don’t have the right ingredients to combine?

I propose some (and very easy to make) delicious sauces for your cooked vegetables, that are healthy and nourishing at the same time.

Seaweeds provide minerals but also a delicate taste if you use them correctly. They have a subtle flavour of the sea, but with the proper ingredients and preparation, they can taste delicious!

Dressings for your veggies

Here I propose some practical examples of vegetables and sauces that you can modify according to the season: you can replace them with others that you have at home.

Use condiments in the right proportions and voilá! the trick is to taste the dressing or sauce several times until you get the desired flavour.

These sauces can provide therapeutic nutrients as well. Here I give you ideas that can interest you.


Ginger Sauce with Nori Dressing                              

Miso, Tangerine and Cardamom Creamy Sauce